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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals How They Get By Health And Safety

If you have ever wondered how The Grand Tour pulls off some of their epic stunts on the show while still abiding by health and safety, you’re not alone. In a recent interview, Jeremy Clarkson has revealed how they get around some of these health and safety restrictions. One way they do it is by going “to film it in South Africa or something.”

Clarkson was asked: “Generally, are there any stunts or things that you wanted to try that you’ve not been allowed to by health and safety or lawyers or people above you?

To which Jeremy replied: “Oh heavens, over the years, God yeah, there have been many many many things we haven’t been able to do.

“I mean, normally, when we get completely stuck with health and safety, we just go film it in South Africa because they haven’t got any of that there and get around it that way. But yeah, it’s a constant source of annoyance health and safety is as i’m sure it is for everybody.”

Now that Jeremy has admitted to being often restricted by health and safety, we are all left wondering what amazing shows they haven’t been able to film. When the trio was still with Top Gear, they often mocked how creatively restrictive health and safety was. Which even prompted them to make a film about bicycle safety on the London streets. Clarkson’s feud and health and safety have resulted in hilarious episodes of the boys rebelling against the system. It’s these episodes that we miss the most.

With the new show’s format sticking to Specials only, it is unlikely that we will see any more ludicrous short films mocking health and safety. However, we are just days away from the release of the much anticipated Madagascar special titled A Massive Hunt. This will premiere on December 18th on Amazon Prime.

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