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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Huge Issue With His Lamborghini Tractor

We’re really looking forward to watching Jeremy Clarkson’s new farming show when it’s finally released on Amazon Prime Video. We’ll follow him through a year of his experience of owning a farm, the ups and downs, and the huge issues he’s faced. After all, it’s been quite a year with COVID and Brexit throwing not only a spanner in the works, but also metaphorically at his head. But one issue was completely separate from those. One issue came from his choice of tractor: a Lamborghini.

On talking about his Lamborghini tractor, Jeremy Clarkson said the following:

“I think it’s brilliant! It’s a Lamborghini, obviously. I mean, I know that there’s lots of different types of tractor, but not really,” he began.

“If you’ve got the voice of buying a Lamborghini, obviously you go to buy a Lamborghini, and that arrived with a European hitch on the back of it so nothing would go on it.”

He then reveals a rather large issue he’s had with it which has stopped him from using it.

“Apart from that and the steering wheel, which has come off, it’s brilliant… and it is quite big, and it won’t go in the tractor barn, or down any of the lanes, or through the gate posts, and it’s too powerful for all the equipment I bought.

“So too powerful for anything that runs on a PTO, it just breaks everything really.”

“Oh it looks good, kids like it.”

He continues:

“In the wet period, we got three tractors all stuck, which I didn’t think it was possible to get a tractor stuck, but you can.

Jeremy Clarkson’s show, I Bought The Farm should be released to Amazon Prime Video later this year, with Clarkson posting a potential month of release on Twitter: “June apparently”, he wrote. I’m very much looking forward to it.

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