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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals If Richard Hammond And James May Will Ever Feature On Clarkson’s Farm

Clarkson’s Farm was brilliant. Suddenly, Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson was removed from the motoring industry, a place where he is a leader, and plonked into the farming industry. And it’s safe to say, he is very much not a leader when it comes to farming. But this changed the angle of this show compared to others Jeremy has presented. 

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In Clarkson’s Farm he was the student, while his colleagues Kaleb, Gerald, Charlie, and Lisa helped him and gave him guidance. Okay, maybe not Gerald, but you get my point.

But there was one question fans were asking: Would James May and Richard Hammond be joining them next season?

Jeremy Clarkson was asked this question on Twitter after he posted his confirmation video that there would be a second season, where he was quick to respond.

“Best news,” a fan commented. “Can we get a cameo from @RichardHammond and Captain slow?”

Jeremy responded with the following:

“Not in a million years,” he said bluntly. 

I must admit, adding the chemistry that occurs when you get the full Grand Tour team to the farm would change the mood of the show and hinder its quality, but fans were keen to ask a follow-up question:

“I’m okay with that. But I would love for Kaleb, Gerald, Ellen or Charlie to be part of the Grand Tour somehow. Driving the backup vehicle on a trip perhaps,” a fan responds.

We’d love to see Kaleb or one of the other members of the Clarkson Farm family feature on The Grand Tour. But while this would result in great TV, it’s likely that this will never happen. Although while The Grand Tour head off on their next adventure within the UK, maybe they could have a quick break at the Diddly Squat Farm Shop for breakfast?

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