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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Unexpected Alcohol-Fuelled Moment From The Grand Tour: Eurocrash

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed how things took an unexpected turn during the filming of The Grand Tour: Eurocrash. The former Top Gear host explained that his co-host James May’s car ended up inside a restaurant.

The upcoming episode of the highly-anticipated show follows Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May as they travel through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia on a 1,400-mile adventure. Unsurprisingly, fans can expect the usual antics from the trio as well as their hilarious chemistry.

As the trailer has been released, the hosts were asked by the Evening Standard, if there were any pranks during the filming. Clarkson responded:

“If you’re driving on roads and staying in hotels, as we did here, that means you get to the hotel in time for a drink.

“And then obviously, after a couple of drinks, ideas come to mind and so, James’ car ends up inside the restaurant, as a result of the drink.”

Hammond added that May purposefully embarrassed them by adapting his car to have fun sound effects. He explained:

“He rewired it so that when I hit the brakes, it sounded a bell and when I used the indicators, it sounded a variety of sirens.

“When throttling past a certain point of acceleration, it played bagpipes. The worst was when I put the roof down or up, it loudly broadcast a message in the local language which suggested I was impotent.”

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash will be available on Prime Video on Friday June 16.

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