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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals What Happened To His Boat After The Grand Tour Special, Seamen

The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen’ wasn’t released to the greatest of reviews, with fans questioning why Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May chose to drive boats instead of cars. Us here at Grand Tour Nation also gave it a mixed review, because we were slightly disappointed with the lack of story given that it was the first episode exploring the new episode layout. 

But, despite this, it was still a good watch, and plenty of fans were interested in the trio’s banter as they took to a new medium of travel. But what happened to the boats they captained? Well, we haven’t heard anything from Hammond about his Scarab, or from May on his 1039 Wooden River Cruiser, but Clarkson has now revealed where his PBR disappeared to in a recent tweet.

Read about the boats used in the episode here

“Last I heard it was stuck in a tax vortex in the Cook Islands,” he posted after a fan asked about its details.

Sounds like the owners of the boat have got themselves into a little trouble, but it couldn’t be in a better place while they dig it out of the boat’s tax issues. The Cook Islands are in the South Pacific and are known to be an “untouched paradise” according to Kuoni, and boasts rainforests, beautiful beaches, and lagoons. 

The PBR was used during the Vietnam War as a patrol boat used for basic river patrol thanks to its low-draft and high speed. Clarkson explained to Hammond during the episode how it was powered by two V8 engines, both producing 350hp each. You can see a similar boat being used in the Hollywood motion picture, Apocalypse Now. This boat, though, was apparently built just for the episode, and must have been sold on afterwards.

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