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Jeremy Clarkson: #RIPJeremyClarkson Trending On Twitter Disgusts Fans

I almost had a heart attack while I browsed Twitter earlier today as I looked to what was trending in my country (UK) and found that one of my greatest idols had died. #RIPJeremyClarkson, the list read. My heart sunk as one of my favourite presenters and writers, possibly ever, had just died. I read further.

Of course, it turned out to be a hoax with several Twitter users posting disgusting jokes about The Grand Tour presenter.

Clarkson’s Wikipedia page was also edited to show the date of this ‘death’, which caused several large media outlets to contact Jeremy’s PR team. Of course, they replied with a confirmation that he is alive and well.

Fans on Twitter didn’t take kindly to this hashtag:

So, did you fall for it? Let us know!


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