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Jeremy Clarkson Says Rwanda Better Home For Migrants Than a Damp Lancashire Basement

Jeremy Clarkson has been strong in expressing his opinions on current affairs. Lately, he has commented on Home Secretary Priti Patel’s policy to ship ‘asylum seekers to Rwanda, stating that it isn’t the end of the world. He argued that the country was ‘extremely pretty’ and a lot better than “the damp basement of a Lancashire terraced house”.

Priti has been facing some fallout to her plan of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda from the United Kingdom. Somehow, Jeremy has been unusually supportive of the plan because Rwanda is ” extremely pretty”. However, he did compare this mobilisation of migrants to a game of Snakes and Ladders.

“It’s not the end of the world,” Clarkson stated. “I’ve been to Rwanda and it’s extremely pretty”

“Certainly, I’d rather live there than in the damp basement of a Lancashire terraced house, which is where most migrants end up.”

Jeremy didn’t fail to point out in his article last week that migrants could end up reaching “back where they started” as a result of Priti’s new plan.

He wrote: “If a migrant arrives on a Kent beach in a small rubber dinghy, they will no longer be given a house here in Britain.”

Jeremy then goes on to describe the plight of an African asylum seeker’s journey to the United Kingdom under the proposed plan.

“You wake up one morning in Africa and decide that you’d like to live in a country with free health care. So you roll the dice and off you go. Across the Mediterranean. Past the Italian border guards.”

“All the way through the continent to Calais and then on a small inflatable to the beach in Kent, where you land on a snake and slither all the way back to where you started,” he concluded in his column for The Sun.

Priti’s controversial migrant plan to curb migrant crossing has received heavy criticism as around 60000 people are expected to cross over into the UK this year.

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