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Jeremy Clarkson Shocked At Grand Tour Stunt: “Our Reputation Is Not Brilliant”

Jeremy Clarkson has spoken about possibly one of the strangest challenges that he did with co-stars James May and Richard Hammond, on The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick. 

The action and drama packed episode has been released today on Prime Video. One of the challenges in the show involved the trio towing professional skiers behind their rally cars.

In an interview with Grand Tour Nation as well as other media, the Clarkson’s Farm host explained how risky it was to do. He said:

“I was surprised that they allowed us to pull them because our reputation is not brilliant. I was surprised that they would say, “Yes, that’s fine. We’ll ski behind your cars.” How did they know we weren’t going to make a terrible mess of everything?”

He continued:

“It’s an extraordinary sport. One of them had one leg! How can you ski on one leg at the best of times, let alone when you’re being towed at 80 miles an hour behind a car, driven by a man who doesn’t know what a brake pedal does?”

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