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Jeremy Clarkson Shows Off Huge Beard Grown During Lockdown – Fans React

Jeremy Clarkson was known for a long time to not like facial hair, but now The Grand Tour presenter has grown his own large beard over his time in lockdown. Posting a photo of himself and his new “face furniture” to Instagram, fans were keen to give the ex-Top Gear presenter their thoughts on his new look.

One fan said the following:

“Jeremy Clarkson has become a 55-year old Republican man from Amarillo, Texas that drives a 1990s Chevy Silverado.”

While other fans were joking about Christmas being over, most fans came to the conclusion that this is the most American Clarkson has ever looked. Apart from that strange but hilarious advert he, Richard Hammond, and James May produced for The Grand Tour in the early days of the Amazon Prime Video show.

The three, okay, two as Hammond didn’t need anything to make him look more American, donned a strong fake tan, expertly whitened teeth, and a full head of hair in order to make themselves fit in more with the Amazon branding.

It worked incredibly well as a promotional video, amassing almost 6 million views on YouTube alone.

“Still British. Sorry,” the video ends after the trio smiles at the camera.

Now, Clarkson looks to be embracing the free time he has with the UK lockdown dragging on, and is looking more like the farmer he’s turned into each day for his new show, I Bought The Farm. Could this be grown specially for the filming of that show, or has lockdown hit him a little too hard?

We’re not sure, but we’d be very interested in what Hammond and May think of his sudden change in appearance.

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