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Jeremy Clarkson Shows Us His Hilarious American Accent In New Farm Video

Jeremy Clarkson has often shown off his brilliant southern-American accent during Top Gear and more recently The Grand Tour. Now, he’s posted a video to his Diddly Squat Farm Facebook page to show us he’s still got it as he drives through his corn farm in his Range Rover.

Watch The Video Below

The comments are filled with reactions from fans:

“Can confirm, his accent is pretty close,” one says. One comment takes on a more sobering tone:

“He looks like he’s about to kick the bucket… Jezza please be re-incarnated and do more seasons,” they plead.

Making Fun Of Americans…

Clarkson is no stranger to making fun of different races (including NASCAR). In fact, it’s become such a famous piece of humour from the presenter that someone on YouTuBe has made a montage of all the different times he’s made fun of our friends across the pond.

Mexico Controversy

In one of the most controversial moments of Top Gear, the BBC show angered the people of Mexico when Richard Hammond described Mexicans as being “lazy, feckless, flatulent [and] overweight”. The trio then added that all of their food was made from “refried sick”. Comparing Mexican cars to the people of Mexico, Hammond said the following:

“Mexican cars are just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat.”

Clarkson joked that they wouldn’t get any Mexicans complaining about this though, because they’d “be sitting there with a remote control like this.” He then pretended to be asleep, snoring.

The Mexican ambassador, however, did write in to complain. He said the following:

“The presenters of the programme resorted to outrageous, vulgar and inexcusable insults to stir bigoted feelings against the Mexican people, their culture as well as their official representative in the United Kingdom.”

“These offensive, xenophobic and humiliating remarks serve only to reinforce negative stereotypes and perpetuate prejudice against Mexico and its people.”

Pure Clarkson humour, or a little over the line? You tell us!

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