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Jeremy Clarkson Slams British Doctors: “Think Of Your Grandchildren…”

Jeremy Clarkson, the outspoken Grand Tour presenter, has given fans his full and scathing reaction to doctors cutting hours as he slams England’s GPs as their relationship and time with patients dwindle. “Some only get one minute, which is just enough time to get into the surgery, and then get out again,” he writes in his column for The Sun.

“You can’t even take someone’s temperature in a minute, or hit them on the knee with a rubber hammer,” he wrote. “Doctors themselves say that if they are to do their job properly, each patient needs to be given at least ten minutes.

“So how do you think they should deal with the problem?”

He went on to write that in fact, the issue is down to the doctors themselves who have, according to the ex-Top Gear presenter, reduced their hours massively with “three in every five GPs work just six half days a week”.

“And now they are saying that in exchange for the £100,000 they currently trouser every year, they should cut their working day by a further two and half hours.”

Jeremy continued, sending a personal message from him to doctors directly:

He told the story of how his grandfather, a doctor, who because of him selflessly attending to someone in the middle of the night during an air raid, managed to help Jeremy get his first job.

“In the current climate, doctors do not get out of bed at two in the morning to help a baby into the world.

“This means no one ever owes them a favour. Which is going to be a problem, many years from now, when their useless, badly behaved grandchildren want to get a job.”

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