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Jeremy Clarkson Slams Government Agency After Clarkson’s Farm Setback

Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop has been blocked yet again from selling the products the presenter wants to sell. After the council rejected his plans to expand the shop car park and build a restaurant on out of an old lambing shed, Jeremy is now looking into selling crayfish in the Chadlington-based farm shop.

But, now he’s revealed that he’s been fighting “bureaucrats”, who don’t want him to sell the fish, despite the government asking farmers to diversify as their revenue streams crumble around them.

This comes only a day after Jeremy garnered a response from the Prime Minister himself Boris Johnson after asking for the government to do more to allow farmers to build other streams of income.

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With the Grand Tour presenter now trying to sell the fish he’s catching himself from ponds on his own land, he’s furious that he’s been blocked from doing this:

“The problem is the crayfish I have are American,” he wrote.

“They’re labelled an invasive species.

“The Government’s forced to spend millions employing a team to make and apply rules about what can and can’t be done with them.”

After contacting the Environment Agency, they weren’t able to help in any way, telling Clarkson that he is “currently unable to process applications to trap crayfish.”

“The upshot is the crayfish will continue to wreak havoc,” he continued in his column for the Sunday Times.

“Whereas if the government employed fewer spies and fewer bureaucrats and wrote fewer rules, it’d be a little bit better. And we’d have lower taxes.”

Jeremy posted the ponds in question to his Instagram account, showing off the work he did during the first season of Clarkson’s Farm.


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