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Jeremy Clarkson Slams James May On Recent Interview: “Lives In The Socialist Cesspit That Is Twitter”

Jeremy Clarkson and James May, two of the most recognizable names in television motoring, are engaged in a heated debate over speed limits. As hosts of The Grand Tour, the duo have traveled the world and tested some of the most impressive cars on the road. However, their opinions on speed limits couldn’t be more different.

Jeremy, who first rose to fame as a presenter on BBC’s Top Gear, has never been a fan of speed limits. He has gone on record in the past to express his distaste for the concept, famously saying that he would like to “stick some cocktail sticks into the eyes” of whoever came up with the idea. This strong stance on speed limits is not surprising, given Jeremy’s love of speed, high-performance vehicles, and his legendary “POWAA” catchphrase.

James, who also joined Jeremy on Top Gear and later became a co-host of The Grand Tour, recently spoke out in favour of 20mph speed zones. During an appearance on Radio 4’s Today programme in January, James stated that “20mph is plenty fast enough and 30mph does feel too fast.” He went on to say that if one could drive around cities like London, Manchester, or Birmingham at a constant 20mph, they would be “absolutely delighted.”

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This stance from James has not gone unnoticed by Jeremy, who took umbrage with his colleague’s comments and accused James of being influenced by “lefties” and living in the “socialist cesspit that is Twitter.” In a column for The Sun, Jeremy argued that James was not getting a balanced view on which to shape his opinions and was merely “listening to lefties competing with one another to see who can think of the most left-wing thing.”

Jeremy also claimed that it was “nigh-on impossible” to drive at 20mph and that drivers will break speed limits regardless of what they are set at. This argument, however, has been met with criticism from safety advocates who argue that lower speed limits can help reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads.

The disagreement between Jeremy and James is not the first time the two have found themselves at odds. James recently criticized Jeremy’s remarks about Meghan Markle, in which he Jeremy was considered to be” racist” and “vile” as he said he hated her on a “cellular level.” James called the comments “creepy” and went on to say that he, unlike Jeremy, did not think that all people his age held the same views.

Despite their differences, Jeremy and James have continued to work together and maintain a close relationship. Their friendship and camaraderie, honed over two decades on Top Gear and The Grand Tour alongside Richard Hammond, has been a key part of their success and appeal to audiences around the world. Whether they agree on speed limits or not, one thing is clear: their love of cars and the open road is a bond that will never be broken.

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Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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