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Jeremy Clarkson Slams “Maniac” Donald Trump In Recent Column

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson is the newest addition to the long list of celebrities mocking Trump while waving their save the planet flags. In a recent column published on the Sun, Jeremy Clarkson refers to President Trump as a “Maniac”. 

The 60 year old television host recently published an article on the topic of climate change. That’s right, Jeremy Clarkson is now aboard the USS Save The Polar Bears, after decades of slamming the issue. Clarkson was quick to denounce the President before going on his rant for climate change saying, “you’ve got the fact California is on fire, there’s a maniac in the White House…” Going along with the status quo of slamming Trump before joining ranks of climate change advocates, Clarkson got the name calling out of the way early. 

What changed? This is certainly a change of ideology for Clarkson, suddenly becoming a climate change advocate. Back in 2016 while on the Jonathan Ross show, Jeremy was very vocal on his, then, stance on climate change. Saying in response to Ross’s concern for the climate “ Now Ive looked at all the evidence, on the environment, and it is a lot of reports and I’ve read them all, and I’ve just decided I don’t give a shit.” So again I ask why is Clarkson suddenly changing stance on this massive issue after all this time? Well maybe there are 10 Billion reasons why…

Now it is no secret that climate change is not on the top of President Trump’s to-do list. He’s suffered much criticism over that very issue during his presidency. Perhaps that’s why Clarkson now disagrees with him. However, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has pledged 10 billion dollars to fight climate change. That’s right, the boss of the Grand Tour is making the biggest contribution to fight climate control in history. Very admirable. 

The Washington Post (Owned by Bezos) Conveniently weighed in on the issue in an article following Bezos’s large donation. The Washington Post said “the U.S. government has forfeited its leadership on the issue, Bezos is one of a growing cadre of philanthropists who see an opportunity to set the agenda for climate mitigation and adaptation.” The Washington Post went on to say there was “a vacuum left by the Trump administration” in reference to the US Government’s fight against climate change. A vacuum Bezos intends to fill.

Suddenly Jeremy Clarkson is fighting alongside Bezos against climate change following the television hosts move to work for Amazon. What happened to the brash and politically incorrect Clarkson we all loved? Jeremy certainly seemed less censored when working for the BBC. Or maybe we are just seeing the beginning of a new political era for Clarkson. 

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