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Jeremy Clarkson Slams Second UK Lockdown: “Ludicrous Path Of Self-Destruction”

Jeremy Clarkson says the new COVID lockdowns are ‘truly ludicrous’ and “heartbreaking.” The Grand Tour presenter was indeed supportive of the first lockdown, but now fears that any additional lockdowns will be devastating to the people’s jobs, and he’s right. This is following the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s decision for another lockdown starting Thursday. 

Jeremy said: “Like pretty well everyone, I was supportive of the total lockdown back in the spring. We didn’t know anything about the virus back then so it was wise to hide under the bed while research was done.”

Now after our scientists have had time to figure COVID-19 out a bit, we know a lot more than we did in Spring. Now, there are even rumors of several cures and medicines that massively reduce its lethality. President Trump, who defeated the virus himself, claims that Regeneron is a “miracle drug” and wiped out COVID-19 basically overnight. 


Jeremy Clarkson also says things are very different from when the lockdowns began. He said “But we do know a bit about it now. And what we know is that, mostly, it kills people who were going to die soon anyway.”

He went on to say: “But to give them that extra week of life in the loneliness of their care home or the misery of a sanitised hospital ward, we have embarked on a truly ludicrous path of self-destruction.”

Clarkson also pointed out the devastating economic impact that the last lockdown had. Saying “God knows how many will be unemployed when the furlough scheme ends” 

Jeremy was shocked to see how many businesses have been forced to shut their doors forever, unable to survive the last lockdown. “I was in London this week, which is supposedly faring better than towns and cities in the North and I could not believe how many shops that I’ve been using for years are now gone.”

It is hard to justify another lockdown, especially since US COVID-19 case numbers look identical to countries like the UK with much more strict regulations. Clarkson is right, it is truly sad to see that so many businesses and families will go bankrupt because of this. 

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  1. That is spot on.
    I propose that instead of the entire world locking themselves in their homes; to protect the at risk people (likely compromised health anyway). That only the at risk people (with the compromised health) quarantine. And the low risk can get about their life supporting civilization and building herd immunity.

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