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Jeremy Clarkson Sparks Controversy After Heated Twitter Argument

It seems as though we’ve been inundated with controversy from The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson this month. We’ve had his cycling argument, his BBC salary, and countless others. But now he’s involved in yet another argument with a Twitter account called Campaign For Socialism.

Jeremy’s yearly tradition of reminding teenagers that exams aren’t the be all and end all of life has angered a few Twitterers. The retweet above, though, sparked a reply from Jeremy who was keen to  put this account in its place.

Quick to point out the immaturity of the initial tweet, Clarkson replied with, “Yes. I’m sure that’s true. And if you go to a state school you end up down the pit. Grow up.”

Of course, there will always be people who will put down others’ success, including Dan Bambridge who was trying his best to find find a reason behind Clarkson’s success in the motoring industry.

In fact, Dan is completely wrong in what he’s saying. Clarkson was approached by Jon Bentley, a researcher for the Top Gear of that era. He later became a producer and was more than happy for Jeremy to join the team.

Do you think people should maybe focus on their own lives rather than putting down someone’s life work? We think this might be the way forward.

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  1. Who you know may get you an interview, or a position, but it won’t get you 30 successful seasons of the most popular car show on television. If he was just a mediocre nobody with powerful friends, he’d be running a random unknown Twitter account and noone would know his name.

  2. Clarkson is a talented entertainer, he knows how to do a good show for his crowd. It’s no something you learn at any school.

  3. There is a deeply unpleasant aspect of modern British character which prefers to knock people’s success, rather than choosing to learn from it, to be inspired by it or, God forbid, to emulate it.

    Whether you like the man or not, he found something he’s bloody good at, put in the graft (his work ethic is well known), made some very shrewd choices, and now he’s reaping the rewards.

    Good luck to him.

  4. I’m a Britt living in Sweden born in Dudley now west Midlands but then I’m Worcs. The UK is world reknowned for its gutter press.
    I’m a big led Zeppelin fan and Robert Plant want to king Edwards grammar school in stourbridge not far from Dudley.I get it did get Top Gear in Sweden and I look at You Tube which is also full of shit.
    Whatever Jeremy Clarkson does with his own money or if he has made a comment then that’s ok.he may have gone to a good school but has from Doncaster not the most glamour place in Britain. There’s too much crap being printed about me too and there’s no service anymore, social interaction with the essence what Jeremy or Jimmy page or any other celebrities have a right to a private life. If Jeremy or anyone else can’t make a comment without negative crap an opion that may have a basis of truth in it. My older Brother went to Grammar school in Dudley that was established in 1500 something.
    My family where working class so they could only afford a uniform for 1 of us, he was the oldest so he got the chance. I want to a secondary modern that had no uniform so I ended up there. It doesn’t matter what school you want to or what IQ you have.
    Leave people alone, I’m 60 years old and haven’t been back to the UK since 1997.I especially respect High Grant who put a stop to Murdoch a news of the world crap…anyone in the public doamain has a fundamental right to a privat life and the press need to respect this

  5. I know who Jeremy Clarkson is. I have no idea who this Don Bambridge idiot is. Enough said.

  6. Perhaps it should be noted that with his poor grades he still had a drive to succeed. He knew nobody back then, but he did know that doing good work rather than slacking off was a way to become known. Clarkson’s talent for film editing is what did it, along with that particular with.

  7. This is pure bollocks, Clarkson lied about his A level results to get his first job as a journalist, yeah he might have gone to a posh school but the man is smart, he uses his personality to progress in life, since when was his school even an issue in that.

  8. Yes. Lol people minding their own business instead of using social media to attack others would be awesome. But humans are a part of it so the use of self control will likely never be seen on a large/global scale on the internet. I appreciate your article! Keep up the great work!

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