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Jeremy Clarkson Speaks On Grand Tour Format Changes And Future Episodes

Jeremy Clarkson has opened up further about the format changes made to The Grand Tour back in 2017 when he was interviewed on the DriveThrough podcast with George Nicole recently.

Jeremy opened up about how much blood, sweat and tears have to go into producing a season of the worlds most popular automotive show:

“You’re having to do three or four films a week, got a car to test and, I don’t know, a funny little poignant one.”

He went onto detail how it was easy to come up with ideas back in the day, but after so many years, most things have been done by Clarkson, Hammond and May:

“In the early days it was dead easy thinking of mad cap ideas. Lets see if we can build better ambulances, lets see if we can make a car drive across The Channel.. there comes a time after 15-16 years where actually you’ve done everything.”

Due to the show being filmed weeks in advance, it will have been difficult booking the celebrity guest spots so far in advance, with little or no news they can promote being available. This began to spark ideas between the four amigos (not forgetting Mr Wilman of course), about cutting out the ‘studio’ aspect of the show in favour for more specials.. and Amazon agreed:

“We just thought, and Amazon agreed because they have data showing who watches what and how long – to the second… they told us the big specials as we call them, are what people liked. And we like doing them. It’s not difficult to think of those to do [however] we’re running out of countries. Particularly now, thanks to ISIS, we really are running out of countries.”

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