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Jeremy Clarkson Takes A Swipe At Top Gear During DriveTribe Interview

After his recovery from a touch of the Covid, Andy Wilman, took to Youtube for a  live stream featuring lifelong friend and coworker Jeremy Clarkson. The laid back talk was meant to set the record straight on the delayed release of the next Grand Tour episode, as well as catching up the fans on quarantine life.

However, before that got underway Clarkson had to remind the viewers who Wilman is exactly. Of course, that’s the perfect opportunity for a bit of teasing at the expense of their former workplace.

You were obviously the boss of Top Gear, uh, which was the biggest show in the world, and then- now you’re the boss of The Grand Tour, which is the best show in the world.

The two chuckle about the quip before moving on to discuss their adolescent trade in cigarettes at school. They have apparently known each other since they were 12 years old, which explains a lot of the chemistry on set that has fuelled the two show’s success over the decades.

It’s interesting to find out that Wilman had very little car experience before he and Clarkson started Top Gear, and that to the contrary, he actually has one of the worst driving histories of the crew. At another point, Clarkson reveals that Wilman failed the first three attempts at getting his license.

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