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Jeremy Clarkson Takes Aim At Jonathan Ross During Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Episode

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire sees presenter Jeremy Clarkson launching attacks at another TV show host, as a contestant of the show racks up winnings of £64,000.

The Grand Tour presenter mocked Jonathan Ross as his wife came up in an answer for the quiz show.

Jeremy asked contestant Matt Smith the following question: “Which of these has written screenplays for the ‘X-Men’ and ‘Kingsman’ series of films?”

With Abi Morgan, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jane Goldman or Sally Wainwright to choose from, Matt correctly chose Jane as the correct answer. Goldman is married to Jonathan Ross, a television host that has interviewed Clarkson in the past.

“Yeah she did, I don’t know which X-Men film she wrote – I too didn’t know she had done – but I knew she wrote the Kingsman films. They’re brilliant, Kingsman is just… she’s a star that girl,” Jeremy explained

Though he wasn’t going to leave Ross without a mention as he starts laughing:

“Much more talented than her husband… just thought I’d throw that in.”

“He’s really looking his age he is, Jonathan, these days,” he finishes.

“You think so?” the contestant asked.

“A little bit younger than me, but you’d never know, you’d never know.

Matt went on to win £64,000, narrowly missing a hefty prize of £125,000.

“The Mekong River Delta is located in which Asian country?” Clarkson asked for the large sum of money.

Matt turned to Jeremy with his ‘ask the host’ lifeline, with Jeremy responding with the following:

“You’ve been to Vietnam. Did you open your eyes when you were there?”

“Did you notice an enormous brown things snaking through the country?”

He added: “From actually, Cambodia, it’s also in there. Luckily for you, I went down the Mekong last year to the South China Sea so know for 100 per cent it’s in Vietnam.”

The Grand Tour knowledge strikes again!

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