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Jeremy Clarkson Talks His Most “Alarming Moment” On ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ Quiz Show

Jeremy Clarkson has had plenty of TV shows to his name recently including The Grand Tour, Clarkson’s Farm, and the more mainstream quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Starting the ITV show in 2018, Jeremy quickly became a fan favourite as he dryly joked around his contestants as they battled to increase their winnings by answering general knowledge questions.

Talking in a recent interview with Joel Dommett, the ex-Top Gear presenter noted his favourite celebrity contestants he’d questioned on the show, as well as some favourite moments, admitting that his favourite guest was Johny Vegas.

“Eddie Izzard was fun, Johnny Vegas was fun, I loved Johnny Vegas,” he said.

“I loved Johnny Vegas’ ‘I don’t know anything, I’m just from the north’.

“And then I just thought, ‘Wait a minute’ because there is no such thing as a stupid comedian.

“There never has been one, you can’t be funny if you’re not clever.”

Jeremy went on to point out that Johnny did “very well” on the show.”

Joel then recalled the time when he was on the show and his ‘Phone a Friend’, popular talk show host Jonathan Ross, hung up on him.

“My Phone a Friend was Jonathan Ross,” he told Jeremy. “I mean, I have got many friends.

“I phoned Jonathan Ross and it was quite an entertaining moment.

“And I think I’m not giving too much away. It was the first time anyone has ever hung up on you, was that right?”

“He told me to stop calling me at home and put the phone down,” Jeremy laughed.

“We had to re-dial him and explain, I wasn’t just ringing him to sell double-glazing or whatever he thought I was ringing for.

“That was very funny, actually, and again Jonathan very funny man, very clever.”

Jeremy then began to talk about how he loves recording the show, likening it to a “holiday” as he travels to Manchester to film.

“It’s not that difficult sitting say to someone, ‘What’s the capital of Ecuador?’ Jeremy said.

“I really genuinely enjoy it and I like being in Manchester. It’s like a holiday really going up there for a week where it’s recorded.

“So I really love doing it, and it’s lovely to see people when they win a lot of money, and it’s just as lovely to see people when they don’t.”

Jeremy continued, describing one of his favourite moments from the show:

“I think we’ve had our biggest ever drop.

“Somebody went to £125,000 without a safety net, and can I say this? F****d it up.

“That really was an extremely alarming moment, it really really was. But yeah, I mean, going home after you’ve lost £124,000, is unbelievable.”

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