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Jeremy Clarkson Teases Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Release Date And We Hate Him For It

The first season of Clarkson’s Farm was a hit, with fans loving the real, down to Earth grit of what happened when The Grand Tour presenter took up farming. Since then, Diddly Squat Farm has grown massively with fans all over the country flocking to his farm shop hoping to meet one of the team.

Since the first season aired last year, both Clarkson and his number 2, Kaleb Cooper, have been showing us the behind the scenes of what’s been going on at the farm, but fans are eager to know when the Amazon Prime Video series will return.


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On a recent post from Jeremy Clarkson on Instagram, he showed fans a Calor Gas truck parked at the farm. “You just need to sell 1 jar of your honey to pay for that lot…” a fan commented, referencing the high prices at the Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

But the as usual, the comments were flooded with questions regarding the next season.

“Any hints on when the next season starts Jeremy please?” one user asked. Another responded saying, “Kaleb replied it would be in August.” While this would make sense with the first season being released in June, we cannot find the comment from Kaleb to confirm this.

But when one Instagram user posted: “Can’t wait for the next season dose anyone know when it drops?” it was clear that Jeremy was ready to wind us up.

“I do,” the presenter teased, causing several other responses from fans.

“They’re unlikely to drop it. Even Jeremy isn’t that clumsy,” one fan said.

Another added: “Oh you knew everyone was going to trip. Had this been in person, you would have single-handedly started a riot.”

A third said: “The perfect response.”

There’s yet any confirmed date for the second series of Clarkson’s Farm, but with the show reflecting a calendar year on the farm, we expect it to be released at a similar time to the last, if not slightly later. I’m crossing my fingers we find out sooner rather than later.

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