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Jeremy Clarkson Tells George Clooney To “F**k Off” In Latest Rejected Ad

Jeremy Clarkson has released yet another advert that has been banned. Clarkson has been advertising his Hawkstone Beer in true Clarkson fashion by releasing a number of adverts that have been banned or rejected, and they are hilarious.

The latest video follows on from the previous where he was comparing the Nespresso coffee machines to his machine that gives chilled, draft Hawkstone lager at home. At the end of the video he says:

“Mmm. F**k you George Clooney!”

In the most recent video, we see Clarkson with the Nespresso coffee machine again. He says:

“George Clooney is a real man, he was Danny Ocean, he had a fight in a lorry dangling off a bridge. And yet for years he has cajoled people to put a little pod in a little machine and have a little cup of coffee.

“Come on, George! Man up! Get a proper keg. Put it in a proper machine. Have a proper pint of Hawkstone Lager.”

Clarkson then ends the video by flicking one of the coffee pods out the way, saying:

“F**k off George Clooney, F**k off!”

When sharing this to his Instagram account, Clarkson wrote:

“I’ve had another go. This one’s been rejected too”

The Grand Tour host started Hawkstone Lager from the barley from Diddly Squat Farm, as viewers should see on the upcoming second series of Clarkson’s Farm. The rejected ads for the beer go back months, and hopefully they are not going to end anytime soon.

Fans recently saw Clarkson in the latest special of The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick where he raced around Norway with co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond. And Clarkson’s Farm fans will be pleased to know that a third series has just been announced, as we wait for the confirmed release date of the second.

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