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Jeremy Clarkson: The Grand Tour Host Responds To Threat From Angry Twitter User

Jeremy Clarkson has responded to a threat from someone who took to Twitter to call out The Grand Tour presenter for being the “ultimate” bully.

The ex-Top Gear presenter has been known to anger the public with his more controversial remarks either on TV or social media, but someone has called out Clarkson, explaining how he has “big plans” if they ever meet.

“I hate bullies and you are the ultimate one. You better hope we never meet face to face I have big plans,” says the Twitter user, responding to a tweet from Clarkson earlier in the month of February about what music he was listening to during a walk.

The unsolicited tweet came on February 26th, and Clarkson was able to respond within a day of receiving it.

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“Yes. Let’s hope we don’t meet. You look awful,” he replies.

Clarkson received 70 likes on his tweet, and a few responses from fans who were keen to point out the humour of Clarkson’s response, albeit a response that was slightly bullying in nature.

Only a few months ago, Jeremy Clarkson admitted in a column that he was bullied at his school, Repton School. He wrote:

“As the years dragged by I suffered many terrible things,” he wrote. “I was thrown on an hourly basis into the icy plunge pool, dragged from my bed in the middle of the night and beaten, make to lick the lavatories clean and all the usual humiliations that public school used back then to turn a small boy into a gibbering, sobbing, suicidal wreck.

“In the first two years the older boys broke pretty much everything I owned. They glued my records together, snapped my compass, ate my biscuits, defecated in my tuck box and cut my trousers in half with a pair of garden shears, but I made sure when I heard them coming that my watch was safely locked away.”

Clarkson admitted that he kept this watch to remind himself that things could always be worse:

“[I] wind it up and remind myself that no matter how awful life might be, it was, from 1973 to 1975, one hell of a lot worse”.

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