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Jeremy Clarkson To Launch Range Of Drinks From Pop To Wine Under New Name

It’s been reported that Jeremy Clarkson is looking to extend his Diddly Squat farming produce to fizzy drinks. This comes after his Hawkstone Lager brand has seen huge success across the country.

The Daily Star has reported that the Clarkson’s Farm presenter has applied for a trademark for a new soft drink, named Diddly Squat Le Pop. He’ll be selling this in his Diddly Squat Farm Shop, and the range will cover fruit drinks, soft drinks, sparkling, spring, flavoured and tonic waters. On top of this, it’s looking as though he’ll be releasing a wine, too.

According to the media outlet, the trademark is being examined alongside two other trademarks which are simply catch phrases from the Amazon Prime Video show. “I did a thing” and “I am a f*****” will likely both feature on merchandise in the future. Each of these applications were made under his smallholding’s company Curdle Hill Farm Ltd. If successful, they’ll remain for ten years, and the slogans can be used on products such as t-shirts, hats, and mugs.

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