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Jeremy Clarkson Turns To Fashion In Latest Instagram Post

Okay, I’ll admit, it’s not quite what you’re thinking. Jeremy Clarkson hasn’t quite turned to fashion in the way you think, instead he’s just very pleased with a pair of slippers he’s been given. For free. To post on his Instagram. Okay, he’s now a fashion influencer and will be the next Zoella before we know it!

He’s even left the tag on so you know exactly what the Strive logo looks like! Or, he’s just lazy.

Anyway, he’s very pleased with his new slippers which come from a company boasting to be the best in luxury and orthotic footwear. You can find them here if you fancy looking them up. But in no way is this sponsored or paid for by anyone, I just thought I’d give you the option.

But, while this is quite funny in itself, the comments are even better…


Following through

May, is that you?

Make sure you go to Jeremy’s Instagram and let him know how you feel about his new slippers, then report back.

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