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Jeremy Clarkson: “Twitter Is For F*****g Morons!”

In one of Jeremy’s latest videos on his popular Hawkstone Lager, he reads through a number of tweets he’s had in response to the new drink.

Hawkstone Lager has been incredibly popular with fans of Jeremy Clarkson and his new farming show, Clarkson’s Farm. And after they were invited to Jeremy’s brewery to test his new Hawkstone Session Later (a version with lower alcohol), The Grand Tour presenter has been keen to advertise the company as much as he can. Of course, in his own way.

In this video, he goes through a number of tweets:

“Breakfast of champions!” one user says.

A second adds: “Can confirm it’s f*****g good!”

A third user asks a rather strange question, though, prompting Clarkson to lick himself.

“Does it take like Jeremy?” they ask as the presenter licks his wrist before savouring the flavour.

“No,” he says. “This proves that Twitter is for f*****g morons!”

The Session Lager will be lighter than the original premium version of the lager, but will still be used from Clarkson’s Farm’s (Diddly Squat Farm) very own barley.

We’re looking forward to seeing the behind the scenes of the drink’s creation in Series 2 of Clarkson’s Farm, reportedly being released later this year.

A recent post from Jeremy Clarkson on Instagram showed fans a Calor Gas truck parked up at the farm. “Any hints on when the next season starts Jeremy please?” one user asked.

“Kaleb replied it would be in August,” another answered, and while this would make sense, we’re unable to find the comment that confirmed this.

But when one Instagram user posted: “Can’t wait for the next season dose anyone know when it drops?” it was clear that Jeremy was ready to wind us up.

“I do,” the presenter teased, angering fans without giving them more information.

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