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Jeremy Clarkson Urges Fans To “Write To Amazon” For Clarkson’s Farm Series 2

Jeremy Clarkson has taken to social media to dispel rumors that there could be another series of Clarkson’s Farm. The news has left fans very disappointed.

Clarkson’s Farm has won praise for its unique take on farming in the UK and the difficulties farmers have to face every year.

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The presenters fought back against harsh weather conditions as well as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the huge amount of rules and regulations that keep the country’s farmers in check.

His efforts to collect his flock of sheep using drones and his inability to profit from the plentiful supply of potatoes gave him plenty of problems problems.

Clarkson, who is one of Doncaster’s most famous exports, admitted at the end of the season that he was happier than he ever was as he and his team as well as his girlfriend Lisa, celebrated and reflected over a difficult yet beautiful year.

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This sparked a great deal of optimism that there could be a new series of the show.

James Jay, a Twitter user, has tweeted Clarkson asking the presenter if the Amazon cameras had been spotted on the farm signalled a second series.

However, the response was something that fans would have expected to be worried about.

Clarkson replied: “No. We aren’t. Write to Amazon, it’s their decision.”

Jeremy has already rejected claims that a second series is coming: “Not sure where this ‘second series’ stuff is coming from. There is no confirmation of this.”

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