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Jeremy Clarkson Warns Fans Of Potential Scam As Someone Attempts To Steal His Identity

Jeremy Clarkson has taken to his Twitter account to warn his 7.8 million followers of a potential scam on Instagram after someone has attempted to steal his identity.

Posting a screenshot to his followers, The Grand Tour presenter warns them not to follow the account:

“If you are sent this, ignore it. It’s not me,” he says alongside a screenshot.

The account shared by the Clarkson’s Farm presenter is currently set to private, needing fans to be approved when attempting to follow it. Despite this, it still has 24.7k followers (despite saying in the bio that it doesn’t accept followers), although this will likely fall as fans see Clarkson’s tweet. As you can see it uses a photo of Clarkson as its profile picture, and tags his real account as the “official page”.

I’ve requested to follow to have a look at what the account is sharing, but it’s likely a scam that will attempt to sell you some kind of merchandise that resembles what Jeremy is selling from Diddly Squat Farm currently.

Fortunately, a number of Jeremy’s followers aren’t falling for this:

“Lol if anyone believes this, then they are not much of a fan!” one follower responded, with another adding: “Why do people just follow everything.”

A third jokes: “Are you saying you don’t want to follow me? That’s my day ruined. At least I have all these hot ladies that keep following me.”

With Jeremy being such a well known public figure, it’s no surprise that several fake accounts have been created to try and cash in on his popularity. But just in case you’re worried, linked below are the official accounts for Jeremy, Richard Hammond, and James May.


Jeremy Clarkson

Richard Hammond

James May


Jeremy Clarkson

Richard Hammond

James May

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