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Jeremy Clarkson Warns Us Of “Incredibly Dramatic Ending” For Season 4 Of The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson has taken to YouTube once more to update us on the filming of The Grand Tour Season 4, and it’s safe to say that things are going brilliantly.

Filming has been wrapped up on the first episode which consists of the trio travelling around Cambodia, apparently on bicycles, and Clarkson warns of a poignant ending.

After spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a planned ending and endless months researching, things went south when four people were killed within a mile of where they were filming.

As a result of this, their plans changed making way for “one hell of an ending”.

“It will be an astonishing show,” Clarkson warns as he holds his head in his hand.

The release date of Season 4 is yet to be revealed, but judging from previous release dates, it’s bound to be around Christmas 2019. However, due to the change of format, anything could happen.

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