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Jeremy Clarkson was Kept Awake By How Much Money He Was Spending On Clarkson’s Farm

It’s no secret, especially after watching Clarkson’s Farm, that starting a farm is a serious investment. But now, Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that the initial investment into his latest show and farming business was so huge, it kept him awake. 

In a recent interview, he explained how worried he was about buying all of the equipment that’s needed to run and maintain a farm. 

“We had to spend a quarter of a million pounds on equipment, but that’s not me splashing a quarter of a million pounds on a yacht or a helicopter.

“It’s actually setting up a business. I mean I was staggered it was as much as it was,” he said.

He continued:

“You have to buy the cultivator, and you have to buy the drill, and you have to buy the hedge trimmers, and you have to buy the roller.

“You have to buy all these things. You have to buy the tractor, and you have to buy the seed and you have to buy the grain.

“It came to a quarter of a million pounds before we’d even started. That genuinely gives you sleepless nights,” he admitted.

Jeremy looked back to when he began his farming story almost two years ago:

“Down the line in November 2019 when it didn’t stop raining, it just for six weeks it didn’t stop.

“I couldn’t get the seeds, well no farmer could, you couldn’t get the seeds in the ground.

“And so, you lie awake going ‘there’s thousands and thousands of pounds worth of seeds in the barn and they’re germinating in there, I know they are and I can’t get them in the ground’.

“And it really keeps you awake,” Jeremy told Times Radio.

“It’s a proper working farm. It’s not an estate,” he assured us while adding that these costs are necessary when setting up such a thing. 

Alongside his farm, and n order to recoup some of the losses, he built Diddly Squat Farm to sell his own and local produce to the local area. This quickly became a tourist attraction, receiving interest from fans across the country who made their way down to check it out.

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