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Jeremy Clarkson Was Urinated Over And Beaten While Protecting Partner Lisa Hogan

Jeremy Clarkson, known for his tough exterior and confident presenting on The Grand Tour admitted that he was beaten up by “yobbos” many years ago while on holiday in Greece with his partner Lisa Hogan after protecting her from being “touched up”.

Jeremy wrote: “Let me begin by saying that I am not a Manchester United fan.

“I cheer, in fact, when they lose.

“So there is no footballing reason why I’d leap to the defence of their captain.

“But I feel duty-bound to tell you a story . . . Many years ago, on another Greek island, I was enjoying a night out when my girlfriend was touched up by a disgusting-looking Greek yobbo in a bar.”

Clarkson goes on to say how he attempted to peacefully resolve the situation, but this didn’t stop the abuse.

“After I spoke to him about this, quite forcefully, he and his friends took me outside where they punched me a few times, tied me into an interesting reef knot and then, when I was lying helpless in the street, urinated all over me.

“In something of a state, I climbed into the Suzuki jeep I’d rented and, with my ­girlfriend and another couple who were on holiday with us, headed back to our holiday house,” he wrote for The Sun.


This group of Greek criminals then chased them on “Japanese sports bikes”, before Jeremy’s group and the bikes were intercepted by the police. Jeremy, not the Greeks, was then arrested for “abusing the Greek flag”.

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“After the yobs rode off on their bikes, scot-free, and the girls took the Suzuki home, we were bundled into the police car and then, after plod broke the key off in the ignition (it was a Fiat), we were told to get back out again and push.

“It’s annoying, having to push your own police car to the cells.

“But then, as we reached a long, downhill stretch, we exchanged glances, stopped pushing and, as the car rolled on without us, we scarpered.”

You can read the full account of this horrible story by going to his recent column.

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  1. Not surprising, many Greeks are actually Turks who are incredibly racist towards any white person and also view women as having less rights than your average stray dog.

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