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Jeremy Clarkson Watches Himself On The Michael McIntyre Chat Show

One of the most surreal things I can think of (to me, anyway) is to go back and watch old footage of yourself. It’s like looking into a time portal; what you’re seeing is a completely different, sometimes unrecognizable person on the screen. It’s essentially a living breathing time capsule, a look back at who you once were. It’s quite amazing how much a person can change in what could be a very short amount of time; looking back on my wedding video in 2009, the person I see is almost a stranger to me (parenthood will do that to you).

Jeremy gets to experience a similar situation on the Michael McIntyre Chat Show, where he watches a clip of his very first appearance ever on Top Gear. Watch the clip for yourself, but forget about what Jeremy is saying, and forget about the cars he’s talking about. Don’t worry about all that; it isn’t important.

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Look at the hair!!!

We all knew that Jezza sported some pretty rad hair back in the day, but to see his hair and wardrobe go from Clip 1 to Clip 2 in the video is simply jarring. He went from “ho hum” to “ROCK ON!!!” in a matter of seconds, and the audience seems to love it. In addition to Jeremy’s Ugly Duckling transformation, we also get to see a old Bentley coupe which Jeremy points out, all while sporting a jacket and tie and speaking in a weird accent that we’re unfamiliar with, that the coupe does indeed have two long doors.

The jump to the next clip is quite jarring, as we are suddenly transported to 1991 and our screen is briefly filled with a Ferrari F40. “Oh, cool!” you might be thinking to yourself. Then it happens. Jeremy comes on screen wearing jeans, a leather jacket, and the afro to end all afros. The Michael McIntyre audiences bursts into laughter, but you know what you’re seeing. You are witnessing greatness.

All bad attempts at humor aside, it’s incredibly interesting to see such a major transformation in just a few years. In addition to laughing at Jeremy, he also discusses the reboot of Top Gear in 2002 and how he casted Hammond and where he “found” James May. It’s a short but very interesting clip, and it certainly made my morning. Enjoy!

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