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Jeremy Clarkson Whitewashes Fear Over Rising Costs: “My Windows Are Wide Open”

The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson, has spoken out about the ongoing energy crisis explaining that it “doesn’t bother” him.

Clarkson wrote in his latest column for The Sun that others can train themselves to not feel the cold as much. He said:

“Gas price increases? They don’t bother me, as I won’t be needing gas. Heating oil is three times more than it was three years ago? Don’t care.

“If you sit in a fridge for an hour, the kitchen will feel positively hot when you climb out,”

He continued:

“And if you keep the windows open, it’ll feel toasty warm when you close them. In short, forget 75F. Make 62F your new normal.

“You may think that you could never live like this, but I think you can. You just need to retrain your body,”

The former Top Gear host has previously written about how his father “didn’t like wasting money” in order to put the heating on so he “learned to like being cold” after his fathers response to his complaints was to go to bed and put more blankets on.

Clarkson insists he “hates being hot” and that he loves colder weather, so much so that he keeps the air-conditioning on in the car even in the cold.

He added in his column:

“While you are sitting in front of your thermostat, wondering whether you can afford to turn it up a bit, my windows are wide open,”

This all comes during the severe cost of living crisis across the UK with many having to decide whether to heat their homes or feed their families. The crisis is partly due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as well as the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ofgem released data in late August to show the energy price gap, the maximum amount utility providers can charge customers on a standard tariff went up by 80% to £3,549 per year.

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