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Jeremy Clarkson Wishes You A Happy Valentine’s Day Via His Alfa Romeo GTV6

For years, Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour and Top Gear fame has often expressed his love for Alfa Romeo cars. He adored the 4C that he drove during The Grand Tour, but specifically, he has always had a soft spot for the GTV6, proclaiming it to be the best sounding car… in the world.

After his trip through Scotland alongside Richard Hammond and James May, the GTV6 that he was driving – and subsequently had a few problems with – came home with him to his farm. And today, Valentine’s Day, the host wishes us all a happy Valentine’s Day with a shot of the GTV6 on a car lift as mechanics look to be attending to its exhaust system via DriveTribe.

This is in fact a shot from during the filming of The Grand Tour when the GTV6 inevitably broke down during their 500-mile trip along the North Coast of the UK, but I think Jeremy’s meaning behind this is clear. He obviously wants to make sure you’re getting your undercarriage attended to, as well. If that didn’t send shivers down your spine I don’t know what will!

Check out the following clip from The Grand Tour’s Scotland trip below:

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