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Jeremy Clarkson Worries About Health After Recent COVID Health Scare: “I Am Short Of Breath”

The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson has admitted that he’s finding it “hard to stay well” as he recovers from yet another bout of COVID-19. Explaining that it started last month when he struggled with “all the Covid symptoms”, the presenter has started thinking more about his health and making life changes.

He caught COVID for a second time last month, and while he tested negative the day after he tested positive, he’s told readers that the second bout of the virus was “worse” than the first.

“For me, Covid was worse the second time around and the effects are lasting longer,” he wrote.

“Nine days after a negative test, I am short of breath when I do up my shoelaces and exhausted after climbing a flight of stairs.

“Walking the dogs is a real struggle.”

As he questioned why he was feeling these symptoms, he got in touch with his doctor who probed Jeremy about his weight.

He continued:

“God, staying well is complicated these days, it’s one thing on top of another.”

Something that may surprise fans is the fact that Jeremy has not only started walking everyday to lose weight and become more healthy, but also started going to the gym. He’s instructed a personal trainer, although the workouts that he’s started doing have left him feeling like his heart might “burst out of [his] ribcage”.

“People who do this sort of thing for fun say that if you really push your body, you are rewarded with a euphoric high that’s better than any drug.

“I just felt terribly weary. And I neither looked nor felt any better than I had done when the session started.”

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