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Jeremy Clarkson’s 10 Worst Car Mods Ever

Modified cars and self-build cars have been a part of old Top Gear and now The Grand Tour seemlingly for ever. But one of our most treasured memories might be the one where Master Jeremy Clarkson himself built his very own version of how an SUV should be.

In episode nine of The Grand Tour’s first season, he presented us with – “The Excellent”:

Jeremy judging car mods

However, with his years and years of experience in the field of car modifying, Clarkson himself has every right to judge other peoples efforts regarding the craft. And, as he showed a little while ago on DriveTribe, there are a lot of really “shitty” pieces out there.

This one for example, which seems to be a very sad copy of what the guys did on Top Gear (season 9 episode 6), i. e. building your very own stretch limo:

Jeremy’s comment on this one: “This looks like James build it.” – Well, fair enough, on Top Gear it did look a bit similar:

Jeremy also presents these two examples, the first one actually being a bit evocative of Top Gear’s India special …

… and the second one looking like something Jeremy has already tried himself on The Grand Tour:

But Jeremy doesn’t stop there. In his post he has collected his top ten worst car mods ever. You can check it out at his Drivetribe-website.

What do you think of it? Have you got examples of horrible car mods yourself? Post your examples in the comments below.

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