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Jeremy Clarkson’s Acceptance Speech Was Simply Amazing

So what have we got today? Well, we have the boys acting like… well… the boys, a concept car, and a well saved BMW. Does it get any better than this?

Jeremy Clarkson’s Acceptance Speech Was Simply Amazing

What happens when you pump Clarkson, Hammond and May full of gin? The above happens. Clarkson seems to be able to insult everyone who received an award so far before them, and Hammond shouts ‘I LOVE YOU’ to his wife in the audience. James May’s eyebrow became slightly raised at one point but he kept himself looking sober. Mostly.

Porsche Boss Hints At Possible F1 Future

With Porsche now leaving LMP1, a sad moment I know, this has opened the doors for Porsche to start exploring other avenues of motorsport. In 2019 they will be heading over to the plug and sockets of Formula E, and after meeting with F1 bosses, it could be that they will be heading over to the F1 grid, too. Rumour has it, that they might supply engines. Fancy a few, McLaren?

Man Saves BMW From Hurricane By Keeping It In His House!

There are few things you can do to protect your beloved car from a hurricane. This BMW owner named Randy, drove his BMW M3 into his living room to shelter it from hurricane Matthew. They even ended up having breakfast as the storm passed. The video puts it strangely, but this is possibly one of the best things I’ve seen lately.

BMW X7 Concept Images Leaked

Going to be possibly the largest BMW on sale at some point in the future, this X7 is a behemoth of seats and luxury. But does it actually look good? Well, we all said the X6 didn’t look good and would fail. Unfortunately, it became one of BMW’s best selling cars. What a weird world we live in. Do you like the look of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Bentley Goes Rallying

Okay so maybe they haven’t actually gone rallying, but now we know they’re perfectly capable of doing so. This ‘Rally Edition’ was put together by a guy for the National Geographic series Megabuild. It’s been upgraded to be able to cope with the roughest terrain and is currently being auctioned off on Ebay, at the moment, for just over £40,000. Bargain if you ask me!

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