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Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Shop Vandalised In Latest Photos Of Diddly Squat

UPDATE: It’s been revealed that it was a prank on Jeremy by presenters Ant and Dec.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm, Diddly Squat, looks like it’s been vandalised in photos sent to Grand Tour Nation.

Diddly Squat Farm has been the centre of attention not only for fans since the release of Jeremy’s new Amazon Prime Video show, Clarkson’s Farm, but also with locals from Chadlington and the surrounding villages who have complained about the increase in traffic and dangerous drivers.


After a meeting with his neighbours, Jeremy has revealed that he would be building a restaurant out of an old lambing shed on his land. This has angered many, but most seemed to agree with the future of the business. Jeremy revealed in his recent column that it was the council planners that he now has to win over.

“It was a (mostly) polite battle between the red-tractor movement and the red trousers and I think I did quite well,” he wrote.

But now, photos sent from a fan who has asked to stay anonymous shows possible vandalism on the farm.

The photos show Jeremy’s Range Rover parked in front of the farm shop. There’s spray painting on the wall of the shop, a number of tents next to it on the ground, a large pile of what looks to be dirt or manure, and a sign.

The photos aren’t the greatest of quality, but the sign looks to say the following:

“No more seeds, no more toil, keep your tractors off our soil.”

Lisa Hogan, Jeremy’s girlfriend, can be seen talking to a group of people in the midst of the mayhem.

Jeremy has made plenty of enemies during his creation of Diddly Squat Farm, but we’re yet to hear anything from Jeremy himself on what has happened or which group of people are behind this, or if it’s a scenario created for the series.

Clarkson’s Farm Series 2 is likely to be released next year, so hopefully we’ll see more of what was behind this.

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  1. The vandals should be made to eat their own faeces and then be shot in front of their loved ones. Carry on the good work Jez.

  2. Its bit vandalism from us locals, more a celebrity, but you’ll have to wait til the show airs in Feb 2022 to see who and why, worth waiting for

  3. That is a shame. He is trying to do what is right but the locals are still living in centuries past. Its a terrible thing that they have to vandalize his property!

  4. Hello from France, force and honor to Jeremy.
    He desserve more and more than the actual news seams to let hear.
    This guy is the best of car enthousiast
    This guy made UK proud of his industry
    This guy defend his country
    This guy desserve medals !

    The local which are so angry with him are just stupid not seeing he made them greater.

    Just let him live and support and great him for all what he do !

    Thank you Jeremy.
    And kind mind to Lisa.

    Jérôme from France

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