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Jeremy Clarkson’s Genius Top Gear Idea is Being used by the Ukraine Army

Top Gear fans have taken to Reddit to liken tactics used by the Ukraine army to Jeremy Clarkson’s use of a log as a handbrake in the Africa Top Gear special where he, along with Richard Hammond and James May, go on a hunt to find the source of the River Nile.

Clarkson used a log when his hand brake wasn’t working in order to still be able to do hill starts whilst they were travelling through Africa. Clarkson says:

“We were headed into an uphill stretch so I decided to test my new handbrake. You simply pop it off the back and roll it out. Watch this.

“Roll back, the wooden handbrake is holding me. I simply set off. Here we go.

“Oh yes, so there we are. Hill starting solved. Sometimes my genius is, it’s sometimes frightening.”

It starts out by working very well for him but a little later on viewers saw the log fly up into the air after going over some very uneven ground and smash his rear window in a hilarious moment in the show.

Although this has actually been a military tactic for some time, fans of the show have posted claiming that the Ukraine army have taken inspiration from Clarkson in the ongoing war with Russia, with a photo of tanks with big logs strapped to the back of them. The user wrote:

“Clarkson’s genius idea being used in Ukraine!”

Another Reddit user responded to say this method has been used since World War I. They wrote:’

“His genius idea originated from ww1 and 2 where tanks and trucks used wooden logs all the time for similar purposes”

Someone else commented referring to the moment when Clarkson smashed his rear window. They wrote:

“Good thing they don’t have rear windows”

With another person responding about the funny moment:

“Yep, nobody likes their rear window getting donkey punched. Well, except the audience… We all though it was hilarious.”

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