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Jeremy Clarkson’s Most Controversial Twitter Moments

Since he first gained popularity, Jeremy Clarkson has been known for his controversial moments throughout his days of not just Top Gear, but even his own show which was simply named Clarkson. This controversy has carried on to his presenting of The Grand Tour and his social sites.

Here, let’s pay homage to his most controversial Twitter moments in which he insults numerous people, annoys professionals, but generally makes us laugh. Let’s get into it.

Babies with the baggage

Peugeot drivers!

And again…

Driving as s**t as your car

What a call out!

An even bigger C

Execution is just easier

Mirros, people! Especially the fat ones!

A bit bonkers

No one has time to wait for a crash to be cleaned up!

Piers who?

Poor James, he can’t help it!

Snarky about Top Gear filming

Where’s that duck been?

Don’t. Mention. North. Korea.

Have a favourite Jeremy Clarkson tweet? Link it in the comments and we’ll add it to our list!

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