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Jeremy Clarkson’s New Show, Clarkson’s Farm, Is Swamped In Positivity From Fans

The trailer for Jeremy Clarkson’s latest show, Clarkson’s Farm was released today, and within hours of us sharing it with you, our readers, we were inundated with positive comments. It’s no surprise that you all LOVE what’s to come from The Grand Tour presenter’s farm show, so we thought we’d do a roundup of fan reactions just in case you were on the fence about the whole thing.

And if you’re yet to see the trailer, check it out below:

So, now you’ve watched that and wiped the tears of laughter off your cheeks, let’s get into the reactions.


Many fans were glad to see a more documentary style of show coming from Clarkson, albeit is still draped in his catchy style of humour. Some were more blown away by the fact that Clarkson actually is a farmer now…

One fan even had an even better idea for the name of the show, similar in style to The Grand Tour’s episodes which each revolve around a play on words:


Yet more positive comments from Twitter from fans anxious to be able to soak up some more time with Clarkson.

One fan even wants a crossover between Clarkson and ex-Top Gear presenter Matt LeBlanc. I’m not sure how well that would go, but I’d be down for it!

Of course, we couldn’t get away from the fact that some fans are wanting more time spent on The Grand Tour over anything else. But c’mon guys, the trio have been doing that and things similar to it for years now. It’s no surprise they’re wanting to stretch their legs on other projects. The Grand Tour will be returning soon, though! The Scotland special will be coming before we know it.

Unfortunately for May, he’ll always be the goat-to butt of the jokes. Sorry, baa-aa-aa-d pun.


YouTube also brings a host of positive comments. I have a feeling this Jeremy guy might be quite successful on TV, y’know?

So it’s fair to say fans are excited. And from the trailer, there’s really no reason not to be. Not only does it look like we’ll be getting hilarity from Clarkson and other members of his team or the public, but from what we’ve heard already, he actually took this farming lark seriously. I have a feeling we’re going to be spoilt with this, much like James May’s Our Man In Japan, which was another example of brilliant TV.

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