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Jeremy Clarkson’s New Sidekick On The Worst Part Of Working With The Presenter

Jeremy Clarkson working on a farm? What could possibly go wrong! Well, actually, quite a lot, if you listen to his sidekick Kaleb Cooper who’s worked with him through the making of Clarkson’s Farm.

Clarkson’s Farm documents the experiences that Jeremy Clarkson endured over the last two years while building a farm from the ground up. But when Clarkson struggled, he brought in a knowledgable professional by the name of Kaleb Cooper. As you may guess, it’s almost impossible to put a leash around The Grand Tour presenter, so while we’re going to be able to see what happens when someone tries later this month, Kaleb has given us an idea of how hard it is to work with him so far.

“I used to work for the farmer who ran the farm.

“When that farmer retired, Jeremy decided to do it himself but when he realised he was completely out of his depth he asked me, ‘How would you like to join me?’”

He continued:

“And I said, ‘Absolutely, we can do it together, by all means, you can be the boss and I’ll be your employee, the right-hand man to help you out on the farm when needed.’

“So that’s how it all started, really. I’ve worked those fields every year for the past four years, so I knew exactly how many acres each field was, I knew the name of each field, everything about the farm, how everything works.

“So I taught Jeremy. We have an amazing relationship really, we have a great laugh.”

Grand Tour Nation and other press asked what the worst part of working with the ex-Top Gear presenter:

“I mean, the worst part was working with Jeremy is he just doesn’t listen.

“And you know, you’ll [Jeremy] turn around and say I’m a fetus and everything like that.”

“You are a fetus, you’re 22,” Jeremy interrupts laughing as Kaleb carried on explaining: “But I know a lot more in terms of farming than he does.

“I mean, there’s not really a bad thing to say about him apart from you don’t listen.”

Kaleb however, was full of praise for the presenter who obviously tried hard at creating something successful: “When he does listen, he tries, he has a go at it.

“And normally fails but has a go which is the main thing,” he said. Jeremy adds jokingly: “I don’t normally fall, I always fail.

“I’m getting good at cultivating (though),” Jeremy pleads, before Kaleb admits it’s the “one job” he can do.

Kaleb adds that Jeremy isn’t just doing it for the cameras, either, explaining:

“He’s on the farm all year pretty much,” Kaleb told us. “I mean, you go the odd day to London.

“But farming very much depends on the weather, so when it’s raining, we can’t really do a lot,

“So that’s when we go down and do our little bits and bobs here and there. But every other day, you’re on the farm with me and we’re out there.”

Clarkson’s Farm premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 11.

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