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Kaleb Cooper Announced All-New Drink Alongside Jeremy Clarkson

Just as we were talking about in our recent article of the drink Kaleb Cooper teased in a video on Instagram, he has finally revealed the secret drink via another Instagram post.

Kaleb has been working hard for about six months to launch his own drink. While Jeremy Clarkson launched the Hawkstone Lager, Kaleb joined the Hawkstone bandwagon and launched the Hawkstone Cider.

Just to let you know, Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice. It says on the official website of Hawkstone that the master cider makers ferment fresh-pressed apple juice made from locally picked apples with champagne yeast.

It is then allowed to mature for six months before cold-filtering to create a cider that is full of flavour and character. It also mentions that though Kaleb spent a large part of last year toiling to cultivate barley for the launch of Hawkstone Lager, he is actually more of a Cider man himself.

The team has partnered with Guy Lawrence- a fifth-generation cider-maker whose family-owned cider mill dates back to the 1880s, to create Hawkstone Cider using the best heritage apple varieties. As the tagline suggests- the drinks are ‘hard to make, easy to drink’.

Hawkstone is the brainchild of Jeremy Clarkson and Rick & Emma from the Cotswold Brew Co. who are determined to support local agriculture. The brewery created Hawkstone Lager and it turned out to be so exquisite that Jeremy decided to put in his money. With the help of Kaleb, they have expanded the range by including the Cider too.

Here are many congratulations to Kaleb and the team. One can support them by ordering the drink on their website or, on Amazon. We’ll be ordering ours soon!

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