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Kaleb Cooper Of Clarkson’s Farm Admits He Finds The Job “Mentally And Physically Draining” In New Column

Kaleb Cooper, co-presenter of Clarkson’s Farm alongside presenter Jeremy Clarkson, has opened up about the farming industry. He admits it’s a “mentally and physically draining job”.

Kaleb, one of the Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm’s most notable breakout stars, is frequently seen instructing Jeremy Clarkson on the running of Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire. In his new Daily Mail column, Kaleb said the following:

“At last the British public have been given a TV programme that tells the truth about farming.

“Above all, it makes one thing brutally clear: it is bloody hard work. It’s stressful. It’s on the edge.”

He continued to plead with the British public to support their farmers, saying that “perhaps being aware of all this now will persuade more people to buy British”.

Kaleb noted: “Today, the average age of a farmer in this country is around 61. I’m not surprised.

“Young people will be asking themselves, ‘What’s in there for me?’ And ‘How much money will there be at the end of the year?’ It’s not easy to find the answers.

“More than anything else, we need reassurance from politicians that farmers like us are wanted, that it will still be possible to make a living from growing and rearing good food to high standards – and that there’s a future for people like me.”

Jeremy personally weighed in on how he felt about the future of farming, and the farmers themselves, admitting that he was worried about Kaleb and the state of his finances:

“Kaleb’s fantastic, but it worries me how he’ll ever be able to afford his own farm,” he told The Sun.

“He’s up against hedge fund managers now who don’t necessarily want to farm it.”

Fortunately for fans, Series 2 of the popular farming series is currently being filmed, and Kaleb Cooper, Gerald, Lisa, and Charlie will be returning alongside two more exciting additions to the farm staff.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

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