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Kaleb Cooper Responds To Complaints After Swapping His Tractor For McDonald’s Truck On Clarkson’s Farm

23-year old Kaleb Cooper shot to fame after featuring on Clarkson’s Farm. But, he’s had a rather ‘rude awakening’ from fans after he began working on other projects with brands such as McDonald’s.

He goes on to talk about how he didn’t know which brands to partner with and how this has affected his decision to work with other brands in the future.

Kaleb partnered with fast-food giant McDonald’s for a campaign in November last year. He posted on his Instagram account a video about how the brand was aiming to be environmentally friendly with their cooking oil.

In doing so, he wrote:

“#AD @McDonaldsUK got me to trade in my tractor for the day for one of its trucks.

“I was shown how the used cooking oil is turned into biodiesel that powers over half of its delivery trucks!

“Check out my video to see how McDonald’s (and me) is powered by fries. #PlanForChange.”

What triggered his fans even more, was the video that he uploaded.

He is seen saying:

“Hello, I’ve left the tractors and the countryside behind as McDonald’s is doing something very interesting with their delivery trucks and I want to find out more. I love fries and I love the environment. How can the two possibly be linked?”

He then speaks to McDonald’s Sustainability Officer Sasha Segar in the video, who replies saying: “Used cooking oil is then converted into biodiesel that powers more than half of our delivery trucks.”

Kaleb seems surprised and replies: ”More than half?”

The video then shows him driving the McDonald’s delivery truck while shouting out of the window “The power of fries!”

This launched a chain of reactions from angry fans on the post that is not to be found on his Instagram account.

Chris.chaddock.7 said: “Swapped milking cows for milking the gravy train I see………..such a shame you’ve sold your soul.”

iam_this_iam said: “Sold yourself out there Kaleb to the people who are taking your business wakes wakey.” (sic)

Kaleb was obviously new to all this. As fans fumed in the comments section, he immediately corrected himself and decided to not take on any project from any other brand. He said no to all the offers he received.

Moving forward on a positive note, Kaleb toiled for six months to launch his own Cider recently under the Hawkstone Brand. It is called Hawkstone Cider.

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He told The Times on Friday: “Now, everything I do, I have control over.”

Kaleb also said: “I spent the last two years planting Jeremy’s spring barley for his beer and to be honest with you, I cannot stand beer.

“But I do like cider.”

Not only this, but Kaleb is also writing a book called ‘The World According To Kaleb’ that is due for launch in October this year.

Clarkson fans, does the name ring any bells?

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