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Kaleb Cooper Shocks Fans With Clarkson’s Farm Injury

Kaleb Cooper, the breakout star of Clarkson’s Farm, has informed his followers about a devastating injury he incurred while filming the Amazon Prime hit series last year. He revealed on camera that he’d been shot during the first series, and it’s safe to say that Jeremy Clarkson was taken aback by this reveal.

Six months after the release of Clarkson’s Farm, Kaleb revealed that the pellet that was shot into his leg during the filming of the show is still inside his leg. During a video posted to Instagram from Kaleb, his partner Taya, and his son Oscar, the farming manager brought focus to his leg:

“What’s this? Is it Daddy’s poorly leg.”

Oscar then slaps his leg close to his injury. “Ouch,” said Kaleb.

He added the following caption to the post:

“I’m not sure this helps the pellet still in my leg. P.S put sunglasses on while you look at my leg,” he said joking.

Fans were obviously quick to respond to this news, asking about the health implications of such a thing.

One fan wrote the following:

“Pretty sure you should go and have that out mate.”

Another added:

“I’d get a second opinion Kaleb, it can’t be good for you having a piece of lead hanging around inside slowly poisoning your body.”

Adam echoed: “I am no doctor like, but I think it would be fair to say that it would be best to have that hooked out at some point fairly soon.”

Kaleb then responded to questions about him having it taken out, with some saying that it wasn’t healthy:

“I thought the same” but doctors that he’d talked to had advised him to “keep it in”.

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