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Kaleb Cooper Stirs Controversy, Says Every Farm Should Have a Farm Shop

Kaleb Cooper has posted a story on Instagram with a video that features a burger in it. However, the burger has been a bit controversial and hence, it has made headlines. Kaleb, who has been in the limelight lately, all thanks to his new Hawkstone Cider and his upcoming book ‘The World According To Kaleb,’ has expressed his views on farm shops.

Like Clarkson, Kaleb has been quite vocal about his views. The 23-year-old said in the Instagram story:

“I think every farm should have a farm shop.”

He then moves the camera to show the burger, hinting that it was from Diddly Squat Farm Shop. After zooming into the burger, he exclaimed: “Woah!”

The video has come from Kaleb after residents living around Diddly Squat complained of the congestion its visitors were causing, owing to the shop’s popularity. Cars were being parked on the side of the roads around the farm, causing all sorts of problems like traffic jams

Jeremy Clarkson is planning on adding a 60-space car park to avoid such problems in the future but, the residents have protested that as well, claiming that it will be an eyesore. A few others suggested that it would ‘urbanize’ the countryside.

The residents have sent written complaints to the Oxfordshire District Council who would decide on Clarkson’s expansion plans.

Nigel Winser from Chadlington wrote the following in objection: “If the Farm Shop was loyal to selling local farm produce, the small car park is appropriate.”

“Alas, the shop is already selling souvenirs that attract a large number of buyers from all corners of the UK.

This trend will continue to grow year on year, with an increasing number of national and international buyers. Good for tourism, but not for sustainable farming in a beautiful area of national importance, for nature.”

Sadly though, every attempt Jeremy makes to mitigate an existing problem, immediately creates another one for him. Farming is tough eh!

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