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Kaleb Cooper Struggles As The Cost Of Living Crisis Hits Clarkson’s Farm: “I Can’t Really Put My Prices Up”

Kaleb Cooper, who rose to fame on Clarkson’s Farm, has spoken out about how “incredibly hard” farming is during the current cost of living crisis.

Cooper very quickly became a fan-favourite on the Prime Video show with his down to earth personality and his way of putting Jeremy Clarkson in his place. Cooper has now spoken about the difficulties the cost of living crisis has brought to the farming world to the PA news agency. He explained:

“I think farmers are going to, either way, get through this and I hope they do it together, but it’s an incredibly hard industry that we’re in with everything going up in price.

“Diesel, for example, was 32 pence per litre last year. It’s now £1.20

“And as a contractor, I can’t really put my prices up because the farmers go, “Christ, I can’t really afford it.””

He continued:

“In the farming world, the person at the top is the farmer and he often has no better.

“So therefore, in the industry, it’s incredibly hard. But I like doing it, so what else would I do?”

Shortly after the well-received first series of Clarkson’s Farm, it was announced that fans could expect to see a second series. Although a release date has not been announced yet, it has been confirmed that filming has wrapped and it is now in the editing process, so it is rumoured to come out in early 2023.

Fans are already eagerly waiting for the second series, so we have put together everything we can expect to see here.

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