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Let’s Talk About What’s Going On In This Photo

Jeremy was kind enough to post this picture on his Instagram of him sitting in an upside down car, and of course, we must find out what it is. Obviously, the boys are filming something for the second season of The Grand Tour, though it’s somewhat shocking to see Jeremy involved in an accident for once and not Hammond (I’m joking).

CREDIT: Jeremy Clarkson

My first thought was “Upside down Jeremy? Clearly, he’s in a Reliant Robin again” because hands down, that was one of my top three favorite segments on Top Gear and I would give a limb to see it brought back in some capacity.

The name decal and livery in the picture suggest some sort of competitive setting, so before I looked clearly at the picture, I got WAY too excited thinking that maybe they were doing Reliant Robin racing. But alas, the car in the Instagram post is clearly a Subie.

So what are the boys up to? What I really am hoping is that they decided to bring back car football or rugby and decided to up the ante considerably with an Evo VS STI contest, but the surrounding environment doesn’t look like somewhere they would play a game of football, so that’s out.

Which leaves some sort of race, most likely rally judging by the setting. James has a bit of rally education from when he had an impromptu lesson with Mika Häkkinen, so having the boys hit a stage isn’t exactly out of the realm of possibility, and the car in question is certainly right for the job.

Or maybe they’re up to another circuit race of some sort, like when they participated in the Britcar 24 hour race in series 10 of Top Gear:

It’s all speculation at this point, but I’m pretty confident about one thing; if Ken Block saw Jeremy’s picture, I’m sure he would call him what he called him back on Top Gear after watching Jeremy roll the Reliant Robin.

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