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Locals Defend Ghost Roundabout From The Grand Tour

Those who watched the most recent episode of The Grand Tour may have noticed a segment where the boys poke fun at a rather interestingly designed roundabout in Cambridge. Dubbed the “Ghost Roundabout,” this particular roundabout isn’t really a roundabout. It’s more of an illusion meant to deter those who might be running afoul of traffic laws.

During the episode, Jeremy, James, and Richard took some fun jabs at the roundabout, which has now prompted a swift and decisive response of those defending the roundabout’s honor. The Cambridge News reports that reader have flocked to the roundabout’s defense, stating that the addition was a positive thing for the city. Of course, as with any argument, there are always two sides.

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Theresa Marshall states: “Remove it now before it causes an accident. All it needs is a driver getting confused and slamming on brakes, you must not purposefully do things to the road to confuse drivers, it’s downright dangerous.”

On the flipside, we have Virgil Ierubina: “This roundabout has suffered from misreporting. It is not dangerous and doesn’t confuse drivers. I for one applaud when someone has taken the time and energy to find innovative solutions to what are extremely difficult problems.”

The roundabout on Tension Road was designed to mimic a roundabout, which planners hoped will confuse drivers and encourage them to slow down when approaching, Interesting approach, to say the least. However, if you want to see some real confusion, just hop on over here to the States, pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and set up and any four way stop. No one knows what the hell they are doing.

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  1. Why not just put a mini roundabout in, once the locals who drive ‘too fast’ pass this for the first time they will probably slow down for the 5-10seconds. Then they shall carry on with their usual driving habits. What a waste of resources.

  2. Actually, Roundabouts are being built over here in the States now too. Way more fun than a 4-way stop when a new one goes in…especially nearby a retirement community! Also, for more fun, look up what a “Diverging Diamond Interchange” is. That REALLY confuses people.

  3. So the defenders are saying that it isn’t dangerous because it’s completely useless? I think Virgil needs to go back and have a bit of a rethink.

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